Innovation Corner

Post date: May 17, 2015 12:06:28 AM

by Kate Petty @techclassroom

Look around your house. Do you have a bunch of unused and probably unwanted stuff? You know, stuff like yarn (crocheting was not your cup of tea?), scrapbook paper, art paper, colored pencils, etc.

Guess what? We all do.

Why not email the parents of your students and ask them to donate their unused craft supplies? I did this and the turnout was amazing. I had pipe-cleaners, puff balls, ribbon, scrapbooking scissors, material, yarn, glue, glitter (lots of glitter), even Lincoln Logs. I created an Innovation Corner in my classroom. A place where my students could go during Genius Hour and other project-related moments to feel inspired and try something with their own two hands. I bought a few how to sketch books from the local Salvation Army and orgami paper from the Dollar Store. I even found sculpting clay on sale and couldn't pass it up.

My 12th graders were apprehensive about playing with their hands at first but they came around and ended up loving the corner. When was the last time anyone let them create something with pipecleaners and glitter? Never. They had a ball.

Your donation quest doesn't have to end there. My daughter's 1st grade teacher sent out a request for unwanted sports equipment. She piled the equipment in the classroom and the students got to create brand new games with them during a Field Day Genius Hour! Check it out below!


The sky is the limit when it comes to what is sitting in around in someone's house!