Final Presentation: 20 Time

This is it! It is the final graded assignment and the culmination of all of the hard-work of your students. While you can certainly ask the students to discuss what they learned throughout their projects, you may instead want them to focus on the process overall.

Questions to Be Addressed by Students in Presentation

  • What were the successes of your project?
  • Were there any hurdles you had to overcome?
  • Was there a point where you had to stop and readjust the project on a grand scale?
  • What were the weaknesses of your project?
  • What was the most important thing you learned throughout your project?
  • If you were assigned this project again, what topic/goal would you choose?

Presentation Details

Check out this link about teaching presentation skills using TED. Most of TED's speakers know their speeches by heart and have a dynamic slide show presentation behind them. Challenge your students to give this presentation their all by knowing their material well and have a coordinated presentation going on behind them. The only way they can be successful is by practicing, a lot.


If you employed the TED presentation lesson plan in your classroom, your rubric should be the same one you used throughout the semester to grade other speeches. This speech is the final exam of speeches so it will most likely be worth more points. Add rows to the rubric to allow for extra elements like digital presentation, memorization, etc. You can see a sample rubric here.