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Kate Petty

Orange County, CA


The moment I heard about 20 Time I knew I had to try it in my classroom! After sitting down with Troy Cockrum, I chose to integrate the 20% Project in my high school English classes and had great success.


Kate Petty

Joy Kirr

Joy KirrNW Illinois


We have Genius Hour the first day of every week in my 7th grade ELA class. My dream is for students to read something, be inspired, and act on it. (Erin Olson does this with her high schoolers.) In the meantime, I'm letting students learn what THEY want to learn during this class period.


Tom Driscoll

Tom Driscoll

Coventry, RI


After implementing the flipped-mastery approach in our 10th grade social studies courses for the past two years, we have recently incorporated 20 Time into our curriculum. Since flipped learning has both freed up instructional time and created a more student-centered environment, 20 Time seems to be a natural fit in our classes.


Denise Krebs

Denise KrebsBahrain


I teach Kindergarten students in Bahrain. Little ones are energized as they are given choices about what they learn, create, and produce. We are finding our way together, exploring our passions and learning English as we do!

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Gallit Zvi

Gallit ZviBritish Columbia, Canada


I have been doing #geniushour with my students for 2 years now and love it! Why? As one student, Morgan, pointed out: "because you don't want to learn your teacher's passion, you want to do your own passion." She is wise beyond her years. I have watched student engagement increase as a result of 1 hour per week to follow their passions/explore their wonders.

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Jillane Baros

Jillane Baros@ProfaBaros

I'm a first-year Spanish teacher ready to spread my wings and fly. I simply cannot wait to have my very own classroom - where 20 Time will be a very important part of our curriculum! I teach middle and high school students in mixed classrooms, so I'm excited about the ability to personalize and differentiate their education. My goal is to inspire within my students the desire to learn by providing them the opportunity to discover their passions.


Oliver Schinkten

Oliver Schinkten


Oshkosh, WI

By allowing students the autonomy to choose a topic they are passionate about, I believe that they see the purpose for learning and feel that it becomes much more relevant. Through this vehicle, it provides the opportunity to infuse content, 21st century skills, technology skills, and soft skills. In my experience, students who put forth the effort and worked hard felt a level of mastery that they were proud of. The 20 Time philosophy helps to motivated some students that seem to "not care" about school. It also enlightens you to the fact that some of the students with the highest GPA's have simply become great at playing the game of school, but struggle when they need to incorporate inquiry and the ability to be self-directed. I have seen this work with 7th - 10th grade students.