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My name is Kate Petty.  I teach high school English and ELD in Southern California.  I received CUE's LeRoy Finkel Fellowship of 2013 to expand and publicize 20 Time in Education.  I am a CUE Lead Learner and teach classes for my site, district, and the Orange County Department of Education.  I am a Google Certified Teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer.  
My class has been "flipped" for two years but the interesting part is that I didn't do much to officially "flip."  I found that my inquiry-based classroom was already flipped and in order to fulfill essential ISTE standards, I blended my classroom with iPods and BYOD.  Feel free to check out my website about blended education at The Tech Classroom.
PBL and Daniel Pink are both to credit for my adventure into the world of autonomous student learning.  With the world in their hands, I didn't want to limit my students study to what I thought was great and important.  I realized that if my students are able to choose their own course for learning, they would be motivated to actually learn it.  I did my research and found Troy Cockrum and Kevin Brookhouser were employing Google's 20% Project to their classroom.  I was immediately drawn to the concept and contacted Troy to pick his brain.  What we both ended up with was a mesh of his ideas, my ideas, and Kevin's ideas and we continue to relish in our successes and learn from our weaknesses.

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