20-Time Ideas

Below is is a list of ideas your students may come up with.  Notice the list's eclectic and varied topics.  What education has failed to recognize over the past 200 years is the uniqueness of every one of our students.  We grew up learning only what someone else found interesting enough to teach us.  For many of us, this narrowed view of the world was so UNinteresting that we don't even remember anything specific we learned.
What access to the internet provides our students with today is a treasure trove of interesting ideas, topics, and accomplishments for our students. They'll learn something during 20-Time and they'll remember what they learned.

Write a novel, children's book, book of original poems
Keep an blog about a current event
Create a how-to video about soccer, fixing Xbox controllers, fitness
Paint a mural
Build a RC race car
Go vegetarian or vegan
Bake something new every week
Learn how to cook meals
Create a curriculum for a church group
Learn how to crochet
Learn how to play the bass, piano, ukelele
Film a BMX video, Warren Miller-style snowboarding video with the student as the star
Learn my family's recipes and cook with my grandmother, aunt, mother
Learn how to longboard
Create a movie by writing a script, filming, and editing
Study and learn depression, high school anxiety problems
Learn yoga
Create a music album of original tracks
Create, market, and sell protein drinks
Plan and carry out a beach clean-up day
Learn how to do crafty things with Pinterest
Raise money for Afghan schools
Create, market, and sell candles
Create a short claymation movie
Create an online newspaper
Create a movie about free things to do in the area to post to YouTube 
Expand the school's rugby program
Develop and fine tune photography skills
Learn how to fix my car: oil, tires, filters, etc
Research behind-the-scenes of movies jobs
Quit eating fast food and document progress
Make and donate cookies and baskets for the Children's Hospital
Invent an iphone charger that works with kinetic energy
Build a timing booth for the school's track team
Create a form to help future students get into colleges
Make and send care packages to the troops overseas
Making and selling hair bows to donate money to charity 
Learn improv
Learn how to swim, dive, scuba dive, run
Improve my time on the mile
Run a marathon
Pay it Forward
Constructing a computer
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20 Time in Ed